Why do I use remote training collars? 


I began using remote training collars in 2004 when I attended a seminar with my Search and Rescue Team.  You may or may not be familiar with this training tool.  I would be happy to answer questions and set up a demonstration; however, wanted to touch on some main points in case you are wondering! 


Here's a few reasons I chose a remote training collar as one of my favorite training tools, amongst many that I use.  This is the main tool I use on my personal dogs, along with my second favorite, the clicker.  (Yes, both marker tools for those into training terminology ;).  


  • Less stress on the dog and the owner.

  • Builds rapport and helps the human/dog relationship.

  • Invisible leash once conditioned properly. 

  • Off leash reliability and safety.

  • Helps to shape the wanted behavior.

  • Enables you to have more trust and fun wtih your dog, with faster results! 

  • Is the most humane, yet effective, method I have come across. 

  • Amazing communication tool for any dog, whether the dog is fearful, perfectly balanced, or super aggressive.  

  • Appropriate levels on the dogtra units and that is why I choose this product over the competitors. 

  • Helps to train the dog so s/he listens to everyone in the home, and not just one person.

  • No... unfortunately it is not the magic wand, but sure does help the training process!  It does take consistency and repetition just like any other method.  What are you waiting for?  Let's get your dog on the road to learning the remote collar so you can start doing more together, as a team!  Contact me today!!  

Please note that I do not recommend or condone the use of any remote training collar without the assistance of a professional.  This is just that, a tool, and like many, are often misused and can be harmful to your dog if not used appropriately.


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