Contact me today if you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment and/or free demonstration.

I often am asked about my prices and let people know that they are thoroughly discussed at our first appointment! Please note that costs listed on this page are an estimate and may differ depending on your personalized package deal, goals, and the needs of your dog. Every dog and dog's family are unique individuals and the training program is shaped accordingly!  Woof! 
Private sessions - coaching you to train your dog: $125 for most local areas. The first lesson lasts approximately 60-90 minutes; however, future sessions last approximately 45-60 minutes.  Customized Package deals available to include walks and private lessons to fit your lifestyle, focusing on your individual dog and goals.  
Average Packages available to give you and your dog the foundation needed, with on-going coaching available: 
$360 to $575 is average for three to five lessons.
Day Training - one on one with the trainer and your dog!  Does your dog need a little extra and your schedule full?    
$150 a day.  These sessions may or may not include pack walks, depending on the season and schedule. 
Pack Walks - $30 a dog (Kingsburg, Dinuba, Reedley locations).  
$50 a dog (for Fresno/Clovis or Visalia locations).  Discounts available for multi dog households 
and if your dog attends weekly, or at least three times per month.  Wait lists are common. 
Group Classes are $150 for six weeks or $25 a class. 
Debbie's training includes:
  • Sit and
  • down (with implied stays),
  • off,
  • come,
  • heel,
  • place (which helps teach self control when visitors may be over and the unruly dog keeps wanting to invade their space),
  • off leash reliability, 
  • working around distractions.
  • Plus tricks and more advanced training upon request!  
  • Confidence building.
  • Impulse Control.

These behaviors are the basics which will help you to learn how to curb unwanted behaviors like digging, chewing, resource guarding, building confidence (especially for fearful dogs), and the key to socializing your puppy or dog in the appropriate way.
All Ears Field Trips and Dog Socials, training for the real world.  This is part of  training program at no additional cost.
More advanced work or special requests can be made if you wish your dog to learn more.  Like tricks or behavior modification, to include separation anxiety and reactivity.  If you have an aggressive dog, please contact Debbie for more information.  Woof!  
Thank You!
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