How I named my business? 

Bandit Willie, my little Sheltie mix pictured below was a tiny pup back in 2005, with these amazingly huge ears.  I was sitting at my computer, with this little guy in my lap, thinking of a name.  Well, Bandit was definitely All Ears!  He was too small for his giant ears, but also was the most attentive little guy waiting quite impatiently for something new to do.  He has always been a highly motivated little guy and is a blast to teach new things to! Even his veterinarian commented that he is very visual, and listening comes along with that.  It's been so fun learning from Bandi boy and watching his visual cues.


So, I found it appropriate since one of the most important things in dog training is the relationship, along with the focus, attentiveness, and dog's motivation to learn new things.  These are all taught by patience and communication, along with utlizing the dog's natural drives.  I want every dog to learn these natural ways to learn, and be an All Ears Dog!  I strongly believe it takes this first step so your dog can go anywhere with you. :-)  Woof Woof... let's get started!  Check out my other pages.  

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