Welcome to All Ears Dog Training, where dogs are allowed to be dogs, and learn good manners while doing so.  

All Ears Dog & Elderwood Agility is happy to host
Cyndy Douan of Georgia Dog Gym






All Ears specializes in real life training, hiking, pack walks, and social field trips.  Debbie is well versed and been training difficult and high drive dogs for over twenty five years, with fifteen of those years training the public.  All Ears believes a dog trainer should be someone who is trustworthy, sought professional training themselves, and continues to learn so they can offer the best to the community they serve.  We strive to be our best!  Let us help you fulfill your dog's full potential through clear communication, and fun, effective training.

My dogs come with me 99% of the time.  They are well mannered and used to working around dogs of all temperaments, from obnoxious puppies, to aggressive canines.  ~Bootsie, the semi-retired Border Collie, a trick-a-holic; Nita the rehabilitated German Shepherd rescue who is my go-to-pal for any unbalanced dog.  Rascal is my newest pal who has just started accompanying me and learning on the job! They are my youngest K-9 colleagues.  The rest of the pack has retired, but occasionally helps out.  

Woof to happy canines! 

              Please see the Pack Walk page for more information on this paw-some activity!

Following my dream while helping others enjoy the dog of their dream!

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